The Top Five Hiking Trails In Oregon

Have you ever visited Oregon before? Or are you searching for hiking trails in Oregon? The Oregon coast is arguably one of the best vacation destinations in the United States. The beaches, forest landscapes, and mountains are quite breathtaking. Whether you live in Oregon or you will be visiting, here are some of the top hiking trails in Oregon that you should consider. Remember, if you’re hiking Oregon mountains in the fall or winter time, you want to dress appropriately. Wear thick clothing, you may even want to consider an insulated jacket such as jackets skiers wear.

Tyron Creek State Park

The Tyron Creek is a State Park that is found inside a metropolitan area, just a couple of minutes from Portland when driving. The park provides a host of activities including a 659-acre park with various good hiking trails that you can follow. However, if you have health issues, such that you cannot walk for long periods, then you can go with your bike or even horse. You are assured of fun no matter the option you choose.

Oxblow Regional Park

The Oxblow Regional Park is excellent for hiking while giving you a fishing opportunity if you are a fishing enthusiast. The national park is close to Gresham and offers a 3.3-mile loop, which includes vast stretches. A unique feature of the regional park is the ancient forest that is composed of large, hundreds-of-years-old trees that rise higher than the trail and the river. The forest offers unforgettable memories.

Ecola State Park: Clatsop Loop Trail

Ecola State Park offers magnificent views of the Pacific and the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse as well. The lighthouse that sits on a rock that is also referred to as “Terrible Tilly” is the focus of various ghostly tales and is must see. The Clatsop Loop Trail is only 3 miles round trip, making it ideal for a short hike. It begins at the northern end of the Indian Parking Yard and runs through the forest providing unique glimpses of the shoreline and ocean line through the trees.

Oswald West State Park

Ten miles south of Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park Lies Oswald West State Park, that arguably one of the top hiking trails in Oregon. The trail offers an excellent opportunity for people who have small children to introduce them to the joy of walking in the woods. The mile long trail runs through towering Sitka spruce and crosses the streak through a suspension bridge that opens up to the magnificent Smuggler’s Cove. This is a fantastic slice of idyllic paradise with a cascading fall splashing onto the sand.

Tillamook Head Trail

The Tillamook Head Trail is especially perfect for a decent workout while enjoying fantastic views. For an 11-mile trail, you can hike up to Ecola Park and back, or simply walk the 5 1/2 miles up to Ecola Park, and then have someone pick you up. Among the amazing scenery in the park includes a wide variety of mushrooms, wildflowers, as well as moss-covered trees that offer an interesting view.

Oregon offers some of the best hiking trails in the United States. It has amazing landscapes, beaches, and mountains within the proximity of a metropolitan area. Some of the top hiking trails in Oregon include Tyron Creeks State Park, Oxblow Regional Park, and Tillamook Head Trail. However, for a hiking expedition to be memorable, it is critical to have the right equipment. You can shop on Amazon or the local shops that can be found around the Oregon.



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