The Top Five Hiking Trails In Colarado

Hiking in Colorado can be the foundation of a real adventure, and this happens because you will feel totally immersed in your surroundings. When you walk the trails and footpaths that crisscross the area, you can see its beauty, feel its culture, and gain a sense of its history. Colorado hiking trails take you around some of the most beautiful lakes in the world where you will see the cool clear waters of a pollution free lake. A Colorado hiking trail will also take you up into the mountains to see the pure snow that forms at the top of the Rocky Mountains, which is the purest snow you may ever see in your life. There is a reason that places like Aspen in Colorado are prime skiing resort locations and also the home to some of the most beautiful Colorado hiking trails If this is something that you would like to do, why not plan on visiting one of the five locations mentioned below?

1. Glacier Gorge

Located in Estes Park, it is a spectacular U-shaped canyon carved by glaciers long ago. The first point of interest on your hike will be Alberta Falls, where Glacier Creek cascades down for about 25 feet, and the waterfall is pretty, although it is not particularly high. Then, the trail will lead you to a spectacular view of Mills Lake and the parks highest summit, Longs Peak. If you have a wide-angle lens, you will definitely want to take a picture, especially if you are there in the morning.

2. Indian Peaks

This wilderness area is known for its jagged peaks and serrated ridges, and their dramatic shapes were also sculpted by glacier activity. It includes a few remnant glaciers that some consider to be among the most permanent glaciers in North America. Nearly 50 turquoise lakes dot the area, formed in the rock debris from receding glaciers, and many are only a short distance from trailheads that can be accessed easily.

3. Bergen Peak

The trail to the summit rises from the east, circles to the north, and then goes up the western side of the mountain. At one point, you can view both the James Peak and Indian Peaks Wilderness areas. Along with Elk Meadows, its eastern slopes consist of meadows and open grasslands on the lower elevations, and deer and elk can be found in the ponderosa pine forests above, with scattered aspen groves and dense forests of fir trees on the higher levels.

4. Longs Peak

Here mountain climbers and hikers begin their challenging ascent by 3 a.m. because of the thunderstorms that often pound the Colorado mountains later on in the day. A view to the northeast reveals The Diamond, a 1,700-foot cliff face, and the summit is nearly spacious enough for a professional football game. Most hikers choose the Keyhole route, and the others are only recommended for experienced hikers.

5. Canyon Loop Trail

This a fine “nature trail” where a variety of plants and animals can be seen, and it is also the most popular trail in the Pikes Peak District because of its scenic views and abundant wildlife. Along the way, interpretive signs and stations can be seen that reflect the geological history of Waldo Canon.

Hiking is a real adventure and the best one for all sports enthusiasts.



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